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Bondasa Sneha Chlong Phop Chinese Drama Speak Khmer 10

Sep 2, 2023

Young Liu Shao meets an enigmatic man and offers to trade his destiny for three complete days of happiness. Prior to becoming involved in the conflict between the immortals and the demons, she had lived the carefree life of an heiress. Her involvement causes multiple romantic entanglements between herself and Lu Li, the mysterious, veiled immortal, to fall apart.

Lu Li and Liu Shao have matured from their Moon River encounter to their studies at Wuyanghou Mansion. Through experience, they have become stronger through time, and their relationship has also started to alter. The characteristics of the two’s “happy enemies” slowly began to manifest between their initial encounter and the time they arrived at Wu Yanghou’s residence. They joked around as a family, danced passionately through the falling petals, and the seeds of love slowly began to grow. There is no guarantee of love at first sight, but there is a strong friendship when people accompany one another and provide warm hugs. Every interaction and every emotional development led to countless daydreams of Lu Li and Liu Shao’s fanciful romance, from their employment relationship to their friendship when they were students to their union as unwavering lovers. Despite having quite different personalities, Liu Shao and Lu Li are both firm when it comes to obligations and feelings. The incessant questioning of Lu Li, “Should mortals deserve to die? Mortals likewise wish to defend their possessions and loved ones, which is what led the stupid Liu Shao to say. The strength of “love” has been demonstrated by the opposition of “You control our life and death, not because of right or wrong.” Despite the enormous burden of guarding the common people, one defends with all of his might, the other follows with all of his heart, and in the process of conquering hurdles, he is fearless.

Episode 01
The daughter of a prosperous family, Liu Zhi, met an immortal in black when she was eight years old and exchanged her for a “three-day agreement” to alter her destiny ten years later. In between Liushao’s brows, the immortal sealed their parting with the words “Maybe we can meet again in ten years.” For ten years, this caused Liushao to terribly miss her. Liu Zhi awoke once more from the pear blossom tree on her 18th birthday. Although Liu Zhi’s family didn’t support her childhood trip, they made a vow that once she turned 18, she would be free to travel as she pleased. Liu Shao’s flesh emanates an odd light at night that all monsters are drawn to and covet. Da Yaozhen went on a murderous rampage in the Liu Mansion because he was driven by a desire to help his severely injured son locate the spiritually strong Xianyuan Yaoyuan. Demon hunter Lu Li and his master Lu Sheng intervened at the crucial moment of life or death. After establishing a formation, Lu Li was defeated after his own explosive spiritual force was released. Later, Lu Sheng whispered to Lu Li that the weird light was caused by the spiritual force residing in the willow tips, and that he needed something to stop Zhan Hen and the little demon from pursuing him. Du Mingchong was invited to help by the Wuyang Hou Mansion, whose head was tasked with exterminating demons. Liu Shao was enraged by his dictatorial demeanour. According to his aptitude, Liu Shao declared that he will take the new Wu Yanghou Mansion recruitment exam. Liu Shao discovered Lu Li, who resembled the immortal somewhat, beside the Moon River. With the help of the ruse of “catching the moon,” Lu Li was successful in charging a high price for the bracelet made of lake beads and persuaded the kind and gullible Liu Shao that it could fend off evil spirits and should never be removed. At home, Liu Shao learned that this item could fend off evil spirits, so he sought out Lu Li right once and paid him handsomely to go with him.

Episode 2
When the disciples were put to the test, the female disciple Axi defeated everyone, discovered and dispatched the monster hidden among them, and also recognised Liu Shao as a monster. When Liu Shao was in peril, Lu Li saved him and prompted him to demonstrate his mettle by eliminating monsters. Willow Shao plucked up the strength to slay the monster but was disappointed to see it was only a branch. Everything is only a test that Wu Yanghou’s mansion has set up for his disciples. Senior sister Bai Feng made an appearance, and subsequent rounds were entered by Lu Li, Wang Jian, Liu Shao, and others. Du Mingchong tried to humiliate Liu Shao, but Bai Feng spoke shrewdly in his defence and assisted Liu Shao in passing the exam. Lu Li denied liking Liu Shao when Wang Jian asked him about it after being quite impressed with his performance. Liu Shao ran away as Zhan Hen became enraged. Lu Li was assisting Xiao Yao, according to him. Because Zhan Hen was so furious, he murdered the tiny demon and seized the Yao Yuan from it in order to prolong Zhan’s life. To help Liu Shao establish a foothold within the house, Lu Li gave her a survival manual. Liu Shao adhered to Lu Li’s survival advice, even skipping over sleeping in a bed. He eventually ran out of places to stay and was forced to share a space with the female handyman Xiaoxue. Liu Shao stated that Lu Li had tricked him into believing he had unintentionally witnessed an expert practising swordsmanship and had awarded him as a failure. After running into him, Lu Li was forced to go and perform a rescue. It found out that Wu Yanghou was the adversary. Liu Shao requested Wu Yanghou to teach him the secret technique of the flowing light slash because he was naive and courageous. Liu Shao was instructed by Wu Yanghou to master it within a month or else they would both be punished. Wu Yanghou nonchalantly displayed it. Liu Shao was given a sword by Lu Li to use for practise before being taken into the illusion. Liu Shao developed as a swordsman and his bond with Lu Li deepened over time. She practised diligently for several days, but she was still unable to understand the significance of the sword.

Episode 3
Lu Li believed Liu Shao ought to protest about the medication bottle to Senior Sister Bai Feng, but he was impressed by her tenacity and supported her instead. When Wu Yanghou arrived in Baoyuetai, he inquired about the emperor’s grass with Wanwu. It found out that he had forced himself to practise immortality in order to save the Three Realms. But after his passing, the Three Realms were remained undefended. For several years, he intended to defend the human world with Emperor Grass’s strength. Only those who successfully completed the Spiritual Fire Trial were eligible to collect Emperor Grass from the Moon-Cleaning Pool, according to Wanwu. The followers of Wu Yanghou Mansion started competing, and Lu Li and Liu Shao both did well. Du Mingchong was asked by Marquis Wu Yang to battle Lu Li. Lu Li believed Liu Shao could not defeat A Xi, therefore he aimed to defeat Du Mingchong and contend for the remainder of Liu Shao’s quota. Despite her injuries, Xiaoxue attends the fight between Liu Shao and A Xi to support Liu Shao. A Xi hurt Liu Shao, but after learning the significance of the Liuguang Sword, Liu Shao shocked everyone by defeating A Xi. Lu Li altered his mind out of humiliation after learning that Liu Shao had won, and he requested a slot for Wang Jian. Liu Shao also made use of the circumstance by requesting that Wu Yanghou adopt Xiaoxue. The two’s preparation for the spiritual fire trial was organised by Wu Yanghou. Bai Feng and Lu Li connected in front of the moon-holding platform. She turned out to be the undercover spy the master had left here. She was committed to assisting Lu Li in obtaining the moon-holding sword and cautioned him to exercise caution as nobody had lit the spiritual fire in countless years. Liu Shao fled when he encountered the spiritual fire, but Lu Li encouraged him to join the fight.

Episode 4
Bai Feng attended to the hurt Lu Li while thinking back to their youthful days together. Lu Li was still considering Liu Shao when he awoke. Liu Shao must cut the imperial grass on the night of the full moon. He meets Lu Li at Huaqiang before departing. In Xiyuechi, Liu Shao arrived, discovered the Moon-washing Stone, filled it with blood, and planted Emperor Grass. Despite his wound, Lu Li went in search of Liu Shao after noticing a defect in Wang Jian’s behaviour and learning that Liu Shao was taking risks by himself. Liu Shao attempted to flee using the invisibility talisman but was still apprehended after picking the emperor grass but was stopped by Ao. Hana unexpectedly showed up at the crucial time and saved Liu Shao. He tried to fight Hana, but she was near the river, so he ran. Hana transports Di Cao away to attend to his severely hurt brother Ah Fu after denying that he is the demonic king in white. After the mission was a failure and Liu Shao felt aggrieved and upset, Lu Li came to soothe her and offer to put things right. Du Mingchong used the chance to steal the imperial herb and defame Liu Shao as a witch once he was back at the mansion. Lu Li pleaded with Marquis Wu Yang to allow them another chance to locate the emperor grass throughout the argument. Willow makes a concerted effort to recall the traits of Duocaoren, which are the flute’s patterning. It was tough for Lu Li when Lu Sheng realised that Yao Jun was the flute’s owner. On the best way to free the populace from the curse, Hana and Ah Fu disagree. Hana wants to track out the Zeshui Fairy’s heir to break the tribe’s curse, while A Fu wants to destroy the Four Seasons Monument, save the God of Moonlight, and overturn the Four Seasons Monument. After making a choice, Hana waited next to Liu Shao to further affirm it. To explore the demon realm, Lu Li took a talisman on loan.

Episode 5,
Lu Li purposely chose not to reveal his goals since he knew the demon king and was interested in them. When Liu Shao overheard “A He” discussing how the demon king in white had abandoned him, he felt sympathy for A He. In addition, Lu Li used the occasion to condemn the white demon king for stealing Liu Shao of the emperor’s grass. He Na was reprimanded and appeared awful. Lu Li seized the chance to correct A He, but He Na mocked him instead. Liu Shao has sympathy for the “little fish demon” and is fiercely protective of Hana despite the fact that the two are tit for tat. Everyone came back empty-handed, and as punishment Lu Li and others had to spend a month cleaning the Lost Pearl Pavilion. Wu Yanghou tracked out Du Mingchong to reveal his wicked plans while secretly hoping for Lu Li. Additionally, under the guise of paying a visit to Lu Sheng, Bai Feng stealthily trod on Lu Li and fell for Liu Shao’s deception, forgetting the Moon Holding Sword. When Lu Sheng arrived and joined Lu Li in the delusion, Lu Li was contemplating Liu Shao at the time. He surmised that Lu Li was in love with Liu Shao when he saw him guarding Liu Shao. In order to stop them, he set a soul-eating curse on Lu Li and informed the two of them that their spiritual might and destiny were incompatible. He has feelings. Liu Shao was reminded to retrieve the Emperor Grass as soon as possible in case he was gone one day by Lu Li, who claimed to be calm and arrived at the Relic Pearl Pavilion to help clean up. Due to Lu Li’s comforting comments, Liu Shao was able to hide his sadness as a result of these words. After Hana was freed, Lu Li specifically instructed her to tidy up. The Relic Pearl Pavilion became even more disordered as the two engaged in open and covert fighting. Unexpectedly, they learned of the “Spiritual Plant Collection” where they encountered a bizarre realm where monsters coexisted peacefully and met the creator. The ancestor of Xiancao who wrote this book may rest in peace. Liu Shao used Wan Sui’s love of the portrait of a particular female Marquis Wu Yang as leverage to intimidate Wan Sui into releasing everyone from the delusion.

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