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Krom Sangkrous Knong Phnouk Plerng Chinese Series Speak Khmer 07

Sep 6, 2023

Huo Yan was appointed vice-captain of the Fire Rescue Team after completing his studies at the Civil Defence Academy. He encountered Yan Lan, a physician who worked in the emergency room, as he was rescuing a pregnant woman from a delivery car. Misunderstandings marred their initial meeting, which got off to a bad start. Huo Yan has a good grasp on every circumstance and is always cool and collected. The only thing in his life that is now unclear is the arrival of “sunshine” Yan Lan.

Yan Lan and Huo Yan re-convene during an earthquake relief expedition. They are continually exposed to harsh situations while on their quest, seeing endless separations brought on by life and death, which strengthens their bond. News of a highly contagious virus emerged once they were back in the city. Yan Lan and her coworkers start making urgent commitments and join the fight against the illness. Huo Yan and those who benefited from their assistance are continuously concerned about Yan Lan’s safety and use every trick in the book to help her covertly.

The Fire Rescue Team’s deputy instructor Jiang Tong, on the other hand, develops feelings for Wang Dayin, a coworker who comes off as reserved and introverted. Jiang Tong is desperate to learn the truth about Wang Da Yin despite her continual avoidance and her family’s opposition. Along the way, Wang Da Yin also progressively develops into a man with a sense of purpose and accountability.

Episode 01

Firefighter Huo Yan sprung into action to save lives after a significant traffic collision happened in the Yunlong East Road Tunnel. A woman who was due to give birth was one of the confined individuals, and emergency medical technician Yan Lan was her route to provide care for the hurt. The expectant woman was consoled by Yan Lan over the phone, but unforeseen high blood sugar levels caused the pregnant woman to suddenly go into a coma. The situation of the expectant mother was learned by Huo Yan. He quickly phoned Yan Lan and administered an insulin injection to the expectant mother in order to improve her condition. In a single operation, firemen Huo Yan and the pregnant woman were successfully rescued. The expecting mother was terrified, her amniotic fluid ruptured, and she was about to give delivery. Yan Lan arrived in time for the baby’s birth.

Episode 2

In the Fujia neighbourhood, a fire started. Together, Huo Yan and Luo Jie led the crew into the residential building to free the imprisoned residents. Because of the explosion on the first floor, an electric car nearby caught fire spontaneously, trapping Yan Lan as she tried to save the young child. Yan Lan spoke with Huo Yan on the walkie-talkie while Huo Yan directed the firefighting efforts from his elevated position. Yan Lan managed to flee danger under Huo Yan’s direction. Yan Lan was requested to work as Professor Ye’s assistant on a project related to the Dongshan Fire Station. Bai Xiaolin made it seem like a blind date, and Yan Lan didn’t want to go. She only wanted to find Huo Yan and show her gratitude.

Episode 3

When Huo Yan learned about the collaboration between medicine and elimination, she discovered that Yan Lan was the hospital’s representative. He asked Li Yanliang to accept Yan Lan because he was afraid it would be embarrassing to meet Yan Lan. Yan Lan was transported to the fire station’s storage facility. Inadvertently, as she was cleaning up the warehouse, her head became wedged in the railing. She couldn’t help but dial 119 for assistance. Huo Yan jumped into action to save people first, but he had no idea that Yan Lan was the target of his efforts. When Wang Dayin and Jiang Tong competed to put out the fire, Jiang Tong triumphed. Jiang Tong pleaded with Wang Dayin to apologise, but Wang Dayin refused, leading to their argument. Yan Lan was listening to Huo Yan explain the scenario at the station. Huo Yan acted quickly after learning of the situation.

Episode 4,

After learning that the beekeeper brother hadn’t returned all night, Yan Lan went to buy rock honey and assisted in locating it. Bai Xiaolin is forced to admit to Huo Yan that Yan Lan left to get rock honey when she notices that he hasn’t come back. Chen Pingeng was alerted to the situation by Yan Lan, and he subsequently requested that everyone help with the rescue effort. Yan Lan discovered the brother of the beekeeper and discovered that he was hurt. A medical kit was brought by Huo Yan. Yan Lan believed the elderly beekeeper required immediate surgery to reduce the air pressure in her lungs due to a severe pneumothorax. Yan Lan and Huo Yan reported the injured people’s condition. Chen Pingeng and Luo Jie opposed Yan Lan’s procedure out of concern that something would go wrong and endanger the lives of the injured.

Episode 05

Huo Yan urged Yan Lan to keep the blood-sickness and needle-sickness secret after Yan Lan learned about it. Huo Yan purposefully went over to where Yan Lan and Luo Jie were eating in the cafeteria to cause jealousy in order to attract Yan Lan’s attention. Huo Yan and Luo Jie were in a competition for the milk when Yan Lan went to retrieve it. The two directly competed for the milk Yan Lan offered, and they eventually got into a fight. Huo Yan was taken to a massage parlour by Yan Lan, who then used coercive tactics to get Huo Yan to consent to acupuncture. Yan Lan was ecstatic when Huo Yan had acupuncture and moxibustion. Yan Lan went Huo Yan to visit her “boyfriend,” the tiny yellow puppy Xing Xing. Huo Yan immediately told Xing Xing to leave and ceased watching over Yan Lan.

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