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Lbech Satrey Kore Drama 08

Sep 2, 2023

A woman who is determined to become pregnant learns that she is being duped by the family she was married into (her mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and her husband), and learns that the building designer (whose mother supposedly had died) that she just befriended was a person she saved when she was a young girl. Cheongdam-dong is the centre of wealth and prestige in Korean high society, but an ugly, deeply rooted scandal shakes it to its very foundation. She is unaware that her biological mother, who stole her when she was a baby and is now married to a businessman with a daughter, is after her because she perceives her as a potential rival for the love of her life.

SBS broadcast the morning drama from July 21, 2014, until January 2, 2015. Kim Ji-eun wrote the script, which was directed by PD Jeong Hyo. It expresses the idea of a harmonious family pretending to be harmonious but hiding the ugly interior behind it rather than using the secret of birth as the major source.

[1] Pay attention. In fact, the opening scenes frequently exhibit a direction that is near to psychological suspense. Even though it’s a morning drama, the camera work, scene arrangement, and directing are all extremely impressive. The ending is especially well done. And the next trailer is so nicely condensed and cut that some joke that it was created by a preview craftsman, pique your curiosity. Even though it’s a morning drama, everyone claims that it’s superior to the same broadcasting company’s evening or day drama.

The narrative eventually moved into the major subject. Trying to use her first daughter-in-law, who has no fertility issues, as a surrogate mother for her second son because she is worried about her infertility, her first son, and her second daughter-in-law. Later, her second son, who was straying as a result of this, is killed in an accident.

After that, the birth mystery of the lead character, Eun Hyeon-soo, was finally revealed, and the plot developed at the pace of a typical morning drama. But despite being a morning drama, it received a lot of attention and had a large audience. It is unusual for a terrestrial morning drama to garner viewership ratings that are higher than 20%. Since I Don’t Know Women, a morning drama produced by the same broadcasting corporation, 20% of viewers were recorded for the first time in four years.

With the exception of Kang Bok-hee, who became homeless after being released from prison, Bok-ho Bok-ho, who left for another country, and Soon-jung Woo, who had no idea what he was doing because there was no footage at all, the remaining characters attained reconciliation and made amends, the ending is also similar to a morning drama. The seemingly humorous epilogue is an added treat. He didn’t appear to be interested in continuing to tell the tale. According to Nielsen, the most recent episode had a 21% national rating and a 25% rating from Tnms, another organisation that measures viewership.

It was also original to have the mother-in-law as the antagonist rather than the villain who deceived the heroine, which is a common trope in morning dramas.[2] It could be argued that it demonstrates the Sea World-affected housewives’ vicarious psychology. It could be viewed as the characterization of an unusual case in morning dramas. Of course, it was inevitable to criticise the mother-in-law’s preparation for incest in order to succeed her generation, as well as the mysteries of her birth. Of fact, this is just the beginning, but the secret of birth becomes the focal point of the novel about the midpoint. However, the story didn’t finish with the male and female protagonists being married; instead, the female protagonist rejected the male protagonist’s confession and vowed to pursue a respectable life on her own. Regarding the fact that SBS did nothing pointless by not extending the programme despite its strong viewing numbers and good topicality, instead of extending it to 119 episodes instead of cutting the 120th episode instead of the official schedule

. merits commendation My Daughter-in-law, the sequel, also debuted with surprisingly high quality, and SBS appeared to be partially concentrating on morning dramas. However, after that, the quality rapidly declined and turned into a farce. Aside from the fact that Lee Jung-moon and Kang Seong-min are at odds with one another in the piece,

is quite close to the degree that they once shared a screen on the OGN (formerly Ongamenet) programme Even the King. As a result, the drama’s audience members were highly perplexed while watching the programme.

It is frequently mistaken for Alice in Cheongdam-dong because both are situated in the same neighbourhood and share the same title. Alice in Cheongdam-dong was previously shown by the same SBS.

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