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Lohit Kakei Thai Drama

Sep 4, 2023

Talap, a lovely slave girl, was sexually assaulted by her owner Manas. Because of this, Thanthip, his first wife, despises her. Because of Thanthip’s retaliation, Talap, who was already pregnant from the assault, gives birth to a child who later perishes. Talap decides to kidnap Thanthip’s own daughter as payback. The young girl who was kidnapped matures into a stunning young woman over time. For the ultimate retaliation, Talap now intends to force the father and daughter into an illicit relationship.

Blood Grey
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the broadcast days.
18:00:00 to 19:00:00 (air time)
HD quality
Description: Cassette. When my own granny passed away Thap almost married Khun Thep because of her youth and attractiveness. But she was able to get away in time and move in with a relative. Cartridge firmly established that she would never be forced to drink from anybody else’s elbow for the rest of her life. I wish to be monogamous and married to just one person for the rest of my life, making Sarai, a housemate and friend, Khun Thepsiri’s wife and shedding khaki blood.

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