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Nak Bonrer Hiso Thai Drama Speak Khmer 04

Sep 1, 2023

She is required to return and look after him as a result of her mother’s commitment.

An intelligent Thai-American named Kulthida is sent to Thailand for six months to look after Rawit, a widower who has left his life in shambles, and his son Ramil. Kulthida’s dream of managing the business Made to Your Home will not come true if she is unable to fulfil this work properly.

Her goal is to look after the Phiphatphong family’s assets as well as father and son, as the family has become split and fiercely competitive for money and property.

Harvard University awarded Kulthida (Jermawee Suwanpanuchok), a stunning perfectionist, a master’s degree in business administration. had to pass a difficult test from Pobphon (Kwanruedee Klomklom), the mother, to prove that he was qualified to hold a managerial position at the corporation. A business that sends maids to homes to perform cleaning services is called “Maid to Your Home” (Maid to Your Home). New York division? Kunthida will undergo this test by travelling to Thailand for five months to work as a maid for the Pipatpong family. enable you to comprehend and discover how to give from a genuine heart The orders of Kulthida’s mother were rejected. Because you once had a first love with a lovely young businessman named Rawit Pipatpong (Juti Jumroenketprateep). And he utterly broke her heart. However, Phon revealed the situation and issued an ultimatum. Today, Made to Your Home has grown to be a significant business. Because to funding from Pipatphong Construction’s owner, Rueangyot (Taj Na Takuatung), the father of Rawit Major building firms across the nation Kunthida had never met Rawit’s father before. Gain favour with your mum Importantly, her mother worked as a maid in Pipatpong Mansion before she was born. I thought it was unfortunate that Rawit didn’t have any familial affection or warmth. The mother of Rawit, Kesana (Nataya Chanrung), and Ruangyot got divorced. due to Rueangyot’s misunderstanding that Kesana is having an affair with her former best friend Akaradet (Phetdee Srirerk). He rid himself of the pollen. Phopporn was forced to assume the position of Rawit’s mentor because he was young and strongly forbade them from seeing Haranwit. Rueangyot persisted in his work. with whom he had a daughter, Chayanin (Nathasa Vejprasit), as well as a new wife, Chuleephon (Ponnapha Theptinakorn).

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