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Song Kream Mday Khmek Ning Kon Brosa Thai Drama 05

Sep 2, 2023

Phawinee’s sister Srikanda is a stunning woman, and her father is very proud of her. Despite her father’s opposition, she decided to elope with Nopphanai after falling in love with him. By coincidence, Phawinee runs into Srikanda one day and remarks on how thin and downtrodden she appears. She finally falls ill and dies.

In order to care for her nephew, Phawinee agrees to marry Nopphanai with the agreement of “no touch” after learning how her sister was bullied by her mother and sister-in-law. Following that, Phawinee moves in with her sister and starts arguing with his mother and sister. She refuses to yield to them as her sister had, and so her retaliation starts.

The narrative starts when Phawinee received her law master’s degree from an American university. was informed of Srikanda’s unfortunate news, which was brought on by Khun Nuan Samorn, also known as Madam Nuan, the lobbyist’s mother in Thailand. And she is the mother of Noppanai. until being in a relationship, I worked at an oil firm. In contrast to Lalita, who is the daughter of the owner of Thailand’s top consumer corporation like Singkhon, because Srikanda comes from a middle-class family, Panit, the father of Srikanda and Pavini is simply a retired former teacher.

But Phavini didn’t anticipate that her sister’s situation would be this terrible. Phavini struggles to accept that there will still be historical soap operas like this in existence in the year 2022. Due to Phawinee’s omission of the sophisticated technology’s modernity and innovation The wireless industry’s sensitivity These things don’t help people think better. People like Madame Nuan, who are self-centered and cruel, still abound in our world.

When Phavini noticed Srikanda’s state, she was practically astonished. Bring Sri Kanda to the hospital without delay. With her last remaining strength, Srikanda begged Phavini not to abandon her grandchild and to make amends to her father on her behalf. Before she permanently went, Sri Kanda requested this.

Phawinee chose to attend Madam Nuan’s celebration after crying so hard that he was able to regain consciousness. should inform everyone that the year’s iron flower, which is admired by everyone, is actually a dangerous flower. savagely narrow-minded Face to face, two women of various ages. Phawinee fixed an enraged look in Madam Nuan’s direction. As for Madam Nuan, she gave the child from yesterday, Pawinee, a disdainful look that no one could stand. Then, Madam Nuan uttered these chilling words: “You will lose if you are weak!” Madam Nuan described Srikanda’s life in these words. Sri Kanda is not weak, however, according to Phavini. For those she loved, her sister would go to any lengths. Madame Nuan, who lacks a heart, would not be aware of this. Madame Nuan can describe Srikanda’s character in one word: foolish. because there are numerous ways to show your love for the people you cherish. I don’t think it’s necessary to act out the part of a decent heroine. Perhaps the people we care about will be happy if we are seen as a villain by others. just as she does now. Madam Nuan’s statements made Pawinee even more enraged and hostile. Pawinee has made the resolute decision that she will now directly bear the burden of ending Madam Nuan’s life. The sky fell to the ground as he finished speaking. The war seemed to have started when a bell rang in the boxing ring.

a resilient daughter-in-law Following Srikanda’s funeral. It was ordered by Srikanda before he passed away, Phawini informed Noppanai. Please leave Nong Nick solely in Pawini’s care. But Noppanai made a self-promise to never surrender his child to another else. Most importantly, Noppanai doesn’t think his mother is the one who planned the entire scenario. Because in the past, when he returned home, he would have witnessed Srikanda’s affection for and connection to his entire family. Srikanda also kept all of his information to himself. Phawini was aware that Napanai was unaware that his mother detested her demeaning in-law. Madam Nuan’s ability allowed her to create a scene that covered his eyes and ears. She will be the one to request that Noppanai’s eyes and brain be opened.

Noppanai is urged by Bhavini to file for marriage registration. Like her older sister, she will continue to be Madame Nuan’s modest daughter-in-law. To show Noppanai that Madame Nuan was not as good as he had believed all his life, she just requested six months. And when that time comes, he will have to accompany Madam Nuan and Eyes of Dao to the pagoda that houses Sri Kanda’s bone repository to make amends. He additionally had to deliver Nick to her.

Phawinee could not convince Noppanai that his mother was a nasty person after six months had gone, though. Phawinee consents to kneel and express her regret to Madam Nuan for her unfavourable perception of her. And you’ll leave this house by walking away. Noppanai concurred. Since he himself is interested in learning the truth about what actually transpired to his family! Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are at war now. And it won’t ever end as quickly as it did in the past. Only those like Pawinee need ever come across folks like Madam Nuan.

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